Tuesday, 8 December 2009

We've gone Lahloo-py over this wonderful tea!

If, like us, you're rather partial to a good cuppa, you will fall in love with Lahloo tea! Kate Gover (Lahloo's founder) has chosen teas from the world's most enchanting family-owned, fairly traded and sustainable tea gardens.

This ain't no Tetley tea we're talking about here!

Excitingly, Kate has given us lots of lovely tea samples to send out to our ToDryFor customers in the run up to Christmas (while stocks last). Each sachet includes an amazing recipe card for tea-related treats; you could be sipping on an Earl Grey mar-tea-ni (get it?) or feasting on Green Jasmine & Peppermint sorbet...incredible!!

Not only that...but you can claim a 10% discount off Lahloo tea until the 28th February 2010; simply enter the code TDF10 at their checkout - www.lahlootea.co.uk


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