Wednesday 30 January 2013

Mid-century Miaows

Just in! Our latest tea towel, Cat Naps, has been designed by cheeky Bristol-based illustrators, Peskimo.

Combining Mad Men cool with feline snoozes, it makes you want to cuddle up with your flea-bag on your slightly scuzzy IKEA sofa, placing ebay bids left, right and centre...

This bright and cheery screen-printed towel will set you back £9.95, slightly more than a de-worming tablet but a hell of a lot cheaper than an original Eames rocker.

Thursday 24 January 2013

Design Competition 2013

It's January. You're bored and cold, cold and bored. What better way to warm up and keep busy than by entering our ToDryFor design competition! This year we want to see plenty of bears, picnics, cheese, booze,  mexican wrestlers, tents, logs, and obviously cute wild animals (possibly a badger if you're up for it). The rules are simple; design it yourself and draw what makes you happy.

If you want a heads up on what usually takes our fancy, why not view the gallery of previous year's entries over on our facebook page, or take a look at the 2011 and 2012 winning designs.

The lucky winner's design will become part of our existing line-up of talented artists, which includes Gemma Correll, Rob Ryan, Julia Pott and other highly acclaimed individuals, as well as receiving five free samples, on-going commission payments, and international exposure through press and worldwide stockists. Bingo!

The closing date for entries is Sunday 24th February, 2013. Best of luck! You could be drying your dishes with your own design before you know it...