Tuesday, 1 December 2009

AARRGGH! Panic! It's nearly Christmas...

Goodness! How did that happen? It's December already, which means that it's nearly time to dust off the decorations and get ready for Christmas.

If like us you have been putting off your xmas shopping for as long as possible, you will now be in a state of festive-induced panic...Don't worry, there's still time to listen to Mariah Carey's Christmas album whilst snuggling up in front of the fire with a glass of port and some mince pies.

Here are the all important 'order by' dates to ensure you get your tea towels in time:

Friday 18th December

Western Europe:
Thursday 10th December

Japan, USA, Canada and Eastern Europe:
Wednesday 9th December

Rest of world (including Australia and New Zealand):
Thursday 3rd December

If you have an emergency that means you are unable to place your order before the above dates, do get in touch and we will try to work our delivery magic to ensure you get everything you need.

Don't forget, if you pull the short straw this year and have to clean up after Christmas dinner whilst everyone else snoozes in front of a festive You've Been Framed, at least you get to do it in style with ToDryFor...Merry Christmas!

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