Monday 25 November 2013

Get your Pokemon onesie out...

That's right folks, Dave and I decided to pay a visit to this year's Thought Bubble, the UK's largest annual event which celebrates sequential art in all its forms (aka a whole other world of comics and cosplay). We didn't actually don onesies or indeed crack out the face-paints but we did have an amazing day out meeting dozens of fantastic illustrators, gawping at sailor lolitas, spending a small fortune on prints, and generally being a bit too giddy for our own good.

A fine selection of cards by Kristyna Baczynski...

First up, we met the lovely Kristyna Baczynski (as recommended to us by Debbie Greenaway - thank you, Debbie!). Kristyna's work is creepy and cosy at the same time; it draws you in and before you know it you're being lovingly mesmerised by a demonic-looking pigeon... Right up our alley!

Timothy Winchester (People I Know) sans head, good jumper.

Next up we met Timothy Winchester (aka People I Know). Over the last few years I have become rather obsessed with Timothy Winchester (you always have to say his full name) and his utterly-addictive web comic. A big fan of dinosaurs, wizards, and Angela Lansbury, Timothy Winchester (you see what I mean?!) is a comedy genius who has the best twitter feed in the world (@PeopleIKnow).

Rain by Philippa Rice

We then had a chat with Philippa Rice, creator of My Cardboard Life and super-cute mini-comic Soppy (from which the above risograph print is taken). We'll definitely be checking out more of her work, especially as I've popped We're Out on my Christmas wishlist...

Lizz Lunney - she does good unicorns!

We then bumped into lovely Lizz Lunney, who does a fine line in copious cats and trapped unicorns! 

Joe List's 'Annotated Weekender' - as addictive as comedy crack

Another illustrator who I could quite easily become obsessed with is Joe List. I first stumbled across his work by accident a few years ago and soon became eager to see each next instalment of The Annotated Weekender (if you haven't already seen this prepare to suddenly devote at least the next 8 hours of your life to it).

Gemma Correll - hello!

A quick trip to the cash point later and we were off to see Gemma Correll. I'm sure we don't need to introduce Gemma here as we always seem to be banging on about her in one way or the other! We're in love, always have been and always will. She also has a rather fine collection of extra-strong fridge magnets featuring dogs in party hats. Woop!

Magnets by Gemma Correll / Postcards by Raid71

We then had chance to say a quick hello to Leah Moore and John Reppion, the super-talented (and incredibly sweet) husband and wife team behind numerous comics including our favourite, Wild Girl, an awesome story about a thirteen year old girl who discovers she can communicate with animals. Check it out!

Kristian Donaldson (a bit scary but we love the colours!)

What's That Thing He's On? by Ben The Illustrator

Hunting and Fishing by Isabel Greenberg

Matt Walkden prints (amazing!)

Our wallets were then magically made lighter and as we appeared to have purchased some incredible prints (see above) from the likes of Kristian Donaldson, Ben The Illustrator (for Art V Cancer), Isabel Greenberg, and Matt Walkden, we realised it was probably for the best if we made a sharp exist!

John Allison - Don't Tit About On Ladders (sound advice!)

However, there was just one more person we wanted to catch up with before we left, namely John Allison, the man behind Bad Machinery, Scary Go Round, and Bobbins, as well as some fantastic tea towels! It turns out when we moved to Yorkshire we literally moved into the same little village as John's mum and dad. Stalkers? Us?!

We're now hibernating again until the next time we can persuade the grandparents to babysit. At least we've got a year to work out our cosplay outfits for Thought Bubble 2014 (we're thinking possibly Donatello and Splinter although we've found that green face paint has a habit of also making your wee green).


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