Saturday, 9 April 2011

We love vegetables (and Nicholas Frith)!

Oh my! We're pleased to introduce Keep On Truggin', the latest artist-commissioned tea towel in our ToDryFor range!

This delightful vegetable-toting trucker has been designed by Nicholas John Frith, and is perfect for all allotment-owners, vegetarians, and fans of Cannonball Run.

Keep on Truggin' is priced at £9.95 and is available here...


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  2. Ooh, this tea towel design is impressive and cool. I am a true vegan and want these kinds of stuff for my kitchen and dining area. Turning into a pure vegetarian I have faced some issues at first, but later, it helped to control my obesity and improved my mental cognition. And now that I am providing other students help with accounting essay writing. Which is a very good thing for me who was very weak with numbers. However, I am buying these towels for my love of veggies.