Monday, 14 June 2010

Finger on the PULSE...

Have you ever spent 7 days of your life gluing the equivalent of 1,600 washing up sponges to foam board, essentially creating a yellow brick wall? No? Well that's how Dave and I like to spend our bank holiday weekends.

We booked to attend Pulse (a super-hip design/gift trade show at Earls Court) at the very last minute, and only had a couple of weeks to come up with an idea for our stand. I suggested covering the back wall in rubber gloves, but Dave rightly pointed out that this would look really creepy! We decided on washing up sponges, bought them in bulk from a local supplier (after hours spent researching washing up sponge manufacturers - oh the glamour) and then, glue gun at the ready, proceeded to get hooked on the smell of adhesive. Et VoilĂ !

It was incredibly laborious to build, but we were pretty chuffed with it when it was finished (and it can always be re-used by local amateur dramatics groups for productions of The Wizard of Oz, should they need it)...

Whilst at the show, we came across so many lovely and talented people, including the ladies behind jewellery company Ridley & Dowse (I haven't taken off my new little cloud necklace since the exhibition - see above), Elsie Dodds (who makes the most amazing alphabet cushions in the world - see below), and also the ever wonderful Michelle Mason and Mary Fellows (thanks again, Mary, for letting us borrow your parcel tape)!

PS - thanks also to our lovely friend Davina (aka Miss Silver Whimsy) who gave us loads of help throughout the show and also put up with us waffling on about the flammability of sponges xxx

We've re-booked for next year so now have a little longer to come up with an equally ridiculous stand design! Any suggestions??!


  1. Lovely stand - what a great idea huys. Hope it was worth it.

  2. You need to take the kitchen sink next year with lots and lots of mugs - and of course the tea towels :) Love my Rob Ryan t-towel.

  3. Love it! You did the seat too! Maybe next year you could hang the tea towels from several washing lines, using good ol wooden pegs, with maybe some vintage tea cups between and the backdrop could be jaycloths for a sky blue effect like they are hanging outside?! People could then touch more easily to feel the lovely organic cottons :0)

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