Thursday, 14 January 2010

NEW tea towels - dry up your melamine in style!

Hooray! We have brand spanking new tea towels available on ToDryFor!

Caravans - £8.50
I would love to own a caravan. Actually, all I really want is to be able to pull over on the hard shoulder, make a pot of tea and nibble on some custard creams whilst Dave has a nap.

Happy Go Lucky - £9.50
Feeling down in the doldrums? We're not suggesting that drying up pots and pans can sort out all your problems, but surely this bright and cheery tea towel will help make you feel a teensy bit happier...

Beach Huts - £8.50
Even if you don't own a beach hut, you can always go down to your garden shed with a flask of coffee and pretend you're at the seaside...

Our House - £8
I SO wish we lived next door to a pie and mash shop......

We've got loads (and when I say loads I mean TONS) of new designs to add to the site throughout the year - why not sign up to receive our monthly e-newsletter and keep up to date with our tea towel onslaught?


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